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Useful Links

Post  HeartoftheNorth on Wed Aug 01, 2012 12:30 am

Good links for if you're new or just looking for something.

Native American Names — People like giving their characters Native American names, but baby naming websites aren't usually reliable. Here, you can have someone who knows what they're doing name your character. Sure, it costs ten dollars ($10) but it's not a bad price for such a helpful service. And the website has more than just names to offer! It's full of information on a lot of Native American tribes! Remember, a well-researched story offends less people! Very Happy

NaNoWriMo Website — Because I know a lot of people like to participate in it. ^^

Wattpad — When your story is finished, you can post it here for the whole world to read. Cool

And that's all for now. Razz Check back because I might add more.

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